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Friends of St Teath

Welcome to the “Friends of St Teath School” page.

 Who are they and what do they do?

The Friends of St Teath School are a group of parents and community volunteers whose aim is to raise funds to enhance pupils’ school experience (making it as fun as possible!) and assist with the cost of “extras” that the school cannot ordinarily purchase out of the school budget.

 What is the money raised spent on?

This year, our wonderful volunteers have given their time, effort and expertise to generate £8,326.50 in funding for playground improvements. This is an astonishing achievement. 

 How you can help?

We are very lucky to have such dedicated support within our local community and hope that you will assist them and the school in all their efforts. This can be done in several ways:- 

•    New committee members are always welcome. However if you don’t feel you have the time to become a committee member, they are always looking for people who they can call upon to man a stall, make cakes etc at events.

•    Raise money just by shopping online through

•    Collect your recycled products for the schools Terracycle programme

If anyone wants to help or make any suggestions to our Friends of St Teath group, please contact Clare Carpenter-Timmis at