The Federation of St. Teath & St. Breward

St Breward SEN

Welcome to St Breward's SEND team.

SENDco: Emily Rowe

Headstart Practioner: Francis Evans

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Hannah Simpson

At St Breward Primary School, we have a highly dedicated SEND team with up to date training within a range of specialisms. 

Mrs E Rowe, SENDCo, is available either Tuesdays or Wednesdays (please see Calender) to support your child within school, liaise with outside professionals, provide support and advice for yourselves and co-ordinate interventions across the school.

If you would like to meet to discuss any concerns or enquire about your child’s provision or progress, do not hesitate to telephone the office to make an appointment or alternatively, you can email Mrs Rowe on: .  Please note this account is checked first thing every morning and should only be used as a means to contact Mrs Rowe about non-urgent matters.  If your concern is urgent, please ring the office and your message will be passed on to Mrs Rowe or the relevant team member.